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TSOYS is a competition aimed at second-level students.

Let’s get thinking about… stuff! Chances are most of the items you use on a daily basis began their life as something else. The Story of Your Stuff is all about thinking about where your stuff comes from and becoming more aware of the life cycle of products and the transformations they go through along the way. By becoming more aware of the ‘story of your stuff’ you begin to understand why recycling and using recyclable materials on a daily basis is so important.

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A better environment for everyone €500 for you,
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Top Tips
from the EPA

  1. Be inspired by your ‘stuff’.
  2. Unleash your inner detective and start your research.
  3. Bring your object to life by exploring its life cycle.
  4. Find the right creative medium for your project.
  5. Act now and enter.

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TSOYS is an initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency that challenges second level students to investigate the life cycle of their everyday ‘stuff’. The EPA’s vision is for a clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and economy. Here, it shares its top five tips for the competition.

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We are at a critical point in time that will dictate the future of our planet. Now is the time to turn aspirations for a better world into everyday actions. Your project is one big step to inspiring those around you to make more environmentally conscious decisions with their ‘stuff’.

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Be sure to visit Ireland’s Environment page for more inspiration and information about our environment

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