From the pencil sharpener on your desk to the bottle you’re drinking from,

All your stuff has a Story!

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Perhaps your pencil started its story as a tree in Brazil… your plastic water bottle was created from oil originating as far away as Saudi Arabia… your phone contains metal originating from the likes of Asia, South America and Africa!

Story of your stuff!

Let’s get thinking about… stuff! Chances are most of the items you use on a daily basis began their life as something else. The Story of Your Stuff is all about thinking about where your stuff comes from and becoming more aware of the life cycle of products and the transformations they go through along the way. By becoming more aware of the ‘story of your stuff’ you begin to understand why recycling and using recyclable materials on a daily basis is so important.

Unleash your creativity!

We want you to unleash your creativity to tell the story of your stuff… pick an object – any object! – and research its origins and visually tell us its story. How you tell us the Story of Your Stuff is up to you - whether it’s through video, a storyboard, a comic book illustration or anything else you can think of.

You may wish to add some music to your video as well as or instead of a voice-over. The YouTube music library is probably the best for totally free music, but you will need to open an account to access it. Another free one is Incompetech most or all of their music is free too. Audiojungle is another one This is higher quality but you do have to pay for a lot of their tracks, starting at about €15. Remember it’s illegal to use copyrighted music on your videos so using these websites is best unless you want to create your own music!.

What do you get out of this?

Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of the important role recycling plays in our lives......but you will also be in with a chance of winning €500 for you, €500 for your school and an inspirational talk from Easkey Britton!

So,where do you start?


Learn from Easkey!

Head over to our Tips page for advice on getting inspired - we are delighted to feature pro-surfer and marine scientist Dr. Easkey Britton here as our campaign ambassador. Easkey has compiled a list of tips for creating an engaging entry using video.

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Then, take a look at for lots of information that will get you thinking about stuff and how your stuff impacts on our environment under a variety of headings. Best of Luck!

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